Some Kinda Monstertruck

Wow! Its been a crazy couple of months in the world of the Unicorn.

First of all we finished the Dick Party tour with our new little bros “Let Me Down Jungleman”. All the shows went beyond expectation and were some of the craziest and injury ridden shows we have ever played. We would love to thank everyone that put in the effort to come to a show and have a good time.

Secondly we played with 2 of our favourite bands of past and present times with The Chariot & Frenzal Rhomb……If you missed either of these bands on their tours. Well you’re an idiot!

Thirdly we are sad to say goodbye to our pokemon training bass player Rob who has left us to go on an overseas adventure. We will miss him dearly and wish him and his lady all the best on their travels. Seeya in a year buddy! A replacement for Rob will be announced in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Lastly the lovely people at Six Nightmares Productions are being nice enough to release Horse Hugger on Vinyl. This is super exciting! We have made up new artwork for the release and will be announcing a tour for the release real soon (with some special friends). In the meantime go and pre-order it from the Six Nightmares Big Cartel as there is very limited stock and you do not want to miss out.

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