Iain Gilbert is not Sorry!

Sooo Iain Gilbert has finally responded to all the shit and heart ache that he has caused ourselves and IronHide…….All we can say is WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT….For the record, he told us his capital came from a inheritance from a family death. He told IronHide that it was from a government payout after being hit by a bus (we wish). Now he’s calling us out for calling his Mum at work – something no one from either band did. It’s one thing to lose your job and blow all the pre-order money on rare vinyl, but next time perhaps just own up to it instead of crafting fake invoices and emails.
Please read and get all your money back from this scumbag!

Is it really worth sitting here and explaining what went wrong, and why it all fell apart, when (understandably so) it’s not going to really be believed anyway?
I do apologise for all the inconvenience and expense that this saga has caused all involved, including myself.
You lose a job, you lose income, capital shrinks, paypal do you over, you act like a right dog and lie to keep things like your ego afloat, blah blah blah.
No one really cares anyway.

This was never my intention for things to get here. I was not trying to run a scam as some seem to believe. I could think of much easier ways to make $2k.
I received a message from someone at themusic.com.au yesterday, saying they’d love to get my side of this whole debacle. I didn’t reply, but the only thing I wanted to say was that I’d like to have two records on the shelf right now, but we can’t all get what we want, now can we?
But in reality, there really is no story to hear my side of. I tried to start a business, and it fell flat on it’s face. The End. It truly is Pulitzer Prize winning material.

Have I been ignoring this? Yes. But it’s far from the back of my mind as well. I kept going along for some time thinking I could get this together, and then, BANG you get evicted, and BANG you lose your job. What am I saying? I’ve ascertained no one cares already… On to the point of this ramble I suppose..

OK, so let’s get your money back to you. Please, if available raise a case with paypal for un-received goods, they’ll hold my account and then refund you in due course. If this is not an option due to time lapsed since order etcetera, please send an invoice to the address sixnightmaresproductions@hotmail.com for the amount owed to you, inclusive of postage. I am trying to keep on top of this myself and send all the refunds out, but to save me overlooking anyone this may be safer. All funds will be returned by the 21st of July, sorry about the delay, but there really is the better part of nothing I can do about that at this point in time.

For the one or two people who paid in physical cash, please issue an invoice for the amount of cash paid. Or if you know anyone who may not have received this email, please forward the email to them and disseminate.

Do not forward emails to the iain@sixnightmaresproductions.com email address, the email address has been dead about a fortnight now, due to constant paypal errors, which have since become the bane of my existence (whinge/passes the blame/yeah yeah yeah/heard it before).

In summation;

I’m not apologising, no one would accept, so it’s not really worth the effort on my part.
I’m not intimidated by the virtual lynch mob that is forming right now, but my mum, WHOA, calling her at work, nice move, and the day AFTER I left town too, bummer on the timing there… But at least you got me to pop my head up long enough to write this email.
In an age where all anybody has to do is broadcast their grievances publicly, it really makes you sad that the title of “The Me Generation” has already been doled out. Say what you want, I don’t care. I’m not reading it, so it doesn’t mean a thing to me.

But just know, I’d rather be running a label right now than be the most hated individual in Australian hardcore, but hey, you play the hand your dealt..
Open up your Tumblrs, start the Facebook bashing and unload the hate Tweets and drag all the life out of this “story”, so we can all get on with our lives, huh?

Iain – Six Nightmares

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