News NEws NEWs NEWS!

Soooooo the tour with Tonight Alive and Young Guns was amazing!
Anybody that come out to any of these shows to see us, bought merch or even bought us a drink we thank you very much. 

After alittle break to get our shit together we have started jamming for a new recording which we will be starting this weekend at 301 studios in Sydney with our great pal/producer Tim Carr.

All will be revealed very soon so never fear and we will be posting photos and maybe a sneaky video of how its all going.

Talk soon
Love us 

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3 Responses to News NEws NEWs NEWS!

  1. Hello Totally Unicorn,
    I am an artist from Wollongong & a fan of your music. Would it be possible to interview you for a British music site called Silverbullet? I’m in wollongong. : )
    Thank you,
    Jan Sanderson

  2. Hahaha I’m from Wollongong and I’m in Wollongong. Guess what? I live in Wollongong.

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